About Websense® Security Labs™

With emerging threats changing their attack profiles at unprecedented rates, security professionals must wisely predict the future to provide today’s proactive solutions. Websense Security Labs researchers scrutinize more than malware — they track and investigate the complexities of web, email, data and mobile attacks. Working out of labs in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific, our researchers consolidate their expertise to ensure that no one stops more threats.
In addition, Websense Security Labs researchers develop and maintain core Websense technologies, including:

  • Websense ACE (Advanced Classification Engine)

    ACE provides inline, contextual defenses for web, email, data and mobile security by using composite risk scoring and analytics that span seven defense assessment areas. Combined with classifiers for real-time security, data and content analysis — the result of years of research and development — they enable ACE to detect more threats than traditional anti-virus engines every day.

  • Websense ThreatSeeker™ Network

    ThreatSeeker Network is among the world’s largest security intelligence networks. It unites more than 900 million global endpoints to gain greater awareness of threats within web, blog, social network and email content. ThreatSeeker Network operates in conjunction with ACE technologies, analyzing the content of up to 5 billion requests per day.

  • Websense ACE Insight

    ACE Insight is a free, online service that allows users to submit suspicious URLs for analysis. Using ACE analytics and other high-powered analysis tools, ACE Insight reports on redirections, web category, popularity, reputation, JavaScript de-obfuscation, link analysis, security classification and more.

  • Websense CyberSecurity Intelligence™ (CSI) Services

    CSI services offer a unique blend of in-depth security education, advanced threat intelligence, expert consultations, real-time forensic investigation tools and more. CSI customers are better positioned to assess the risks their network may face based on recent threat activity or technology trends — and empowered to assume a more proactive security posture.

  • Websense ThreatScope™

    ThreatScope provides an online sandbox for safely testing potential malware. Using ACE analytics, ThreatScope monitors all activity and provides a detailed report that includes:

    • The infection process.

    • Post-infection activities, including network communications.

    • System-level malware events and processes.

    • Registry changes and file modifications.

    Observed behavior is correlated with known threats to provide valuable information for even zero-day threats.