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US Presidential Malware - Barack Obama Interview Lure


Threat Type: Malicious Web Site / Malicious Code

Websense® Security Labs™ ThreatSeeker™ Network has discovered that malware authors are capitalizing on the recently announced results of the 2008 US Presidential election. Malicious email lures are being sent promising a video showing an interview with the advisors to the recently elected US President.

The email actually contains links to a file called 'BarackObama.exe' hosted on a compromised travel site at hxxp://*snip*.com/web/BarackObama.exe. This file is a Trojan Downloader with MD5 9720d70a5da9ca442ecf41e9269f5a27. Upon execution files called system.exe and firewall.exe are dropped into the system directory. A phishing kit is unpacked locally, and the dropped files are bound to startup. The hosts file is also modified.

Major anti-virus vendors are not detecting this Trojan Horse.

The malicious email:

The malicious application:

Websense Messaging and Websense Web Security customers are protected against these threats.