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University of Michigan Credit Union


Threat Type: Phishing Alert

Websense® Security Labs™ has received reports of a new phishing attack that targets customers of University of Michigan Credit Union. Users receive a spoofed email message, which claims that the number of failed attempts to log on to the internet banking site has been reached. The message provides a link to a phishing website that requests users to log on and provide account details to unlock the account.

The phishing site is hosted in Hong Kong, Special Administrative region of China, and was down at the time of this alert.

Phishing email:

Dear Customer,

To protect your University of Michigan Credit Union Internet Banking account
from unauthorized access, we have set limit of failed attempts.
Unfortunately, you have just reached critical number of attempts, so your
access to Online Banking has been limited for the security purposes.

This measure doesn't affect your access to ATM machines.

You must click the link below and change your password from your Online
Banking Account , after this your account will be ready for use.

Thank you,

University of Michigan Credit Union  Administration

Phishing screenshot: