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Labor Day Sale-Related SEO Poisoning Leads to Rogue Antivirus


Threat Type: Malicious Web Site / Malicious Code

Websense Security Labs™ ThreatSeeker Network has detected that Google searches on terms related to Labor Day sales return results that lead to rogue antivirus software. Labor Day is one of the biggest holidays observed in the US each year. Retail sales events held during this weekend are some of the most anticipated throughout the country.

When Google is used to search for terms related to Labor Day sales, malicious URLs as high as the first result are returned. Upon clicking an affected search-result link, JavaScript code redirects the user to a Web site advising them that their machine is infected with viruses. It then proceeds to offer free (rogue/fake) AV software. AOL and are also affected in a similar way.

Screenshot showing affected Google results: 


Screenshot of Web site hosting rogue AV: 


Websense® Messaging and Websense Web Security customers are protected against this attack.